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At the moment, the episode has not come out yet. Though, alicorn Twilight has been something hinted at since season one, and as a writer I am excited to see change and appreciate the possibility of having some clarity on the mythology of Equestria. I highly doubt the show creators would break the friendship of the characters, nor would they make Twilight "Outlive" her friends. Remember who the target audience is: Young, impressionable little girls with dreams of being their own princess in some way. To see a character they are familiar with becoming a princess, not from being related to royalty but instead from her own hard work and diligence is inspiring for a young child.

We've seen many princesses who are given this role from the start. Our poor, Disney girls always pining for something more, sitting in their sheltered life longing for a prince or an adventure. Instead, we are seeing a young woman who has EARNED her place as a princess from her kindness, knowledge, and her experience with her friends.

This is a very healthy thing for young girls to see, and it's a rare sight, so I am very excited to see what this could do for those children.

People are panicking over something that has nothing to back up the panic.

I'll take these points people make against alicorn Twilight and rebuttal them here:

   Twilight is becoming a god and will outlive her friends

Nowhere in the show has it been stated that Alicorns are gods. We also do not know a pony lifespan, or Cadence's lifespan. All we know is the 2 Princesses lived over 1,000 years, but Cadence we have witnessed growing up with Twilight, and she's also an Alicorn Princess. Plus, she married a unicorn. Why would she do that if she was going to outlive him?

   Twilight's friendship will be over because of this!

Why? Why would her friends leave her over something like this? Why would she NOT be allowed to see them? What's stopping her friends from coming with her, or her deciding she wants to rule in Ponyville? We don't even know what she will be a princess of yet, or if she's replacing anyone or just being given a new role. Also, no one ever said you have to lose your friends just because you moved away or got a better job. True friends find a way to stick together no matter what, even if their thousands of miles or even oceans apart.

Also, surely she can't take this new role by herself. Her friends can be there to support her, and pursue their own destinies and dreams as well.

   Hasbro is making her a princess just to make more toys!

Well, why is this a bad thing? Don't Bronies like to collect the toys? Havn't the toys been getting a bit stale and repetitive lately? So, we have a new princess toy. Hasbro is a toy company, My Little Pony has always been a toy franchise. The whole point of the show has ALWAYS been to market toys, but they are taking a new approach to it by actually giving the show life and thought and some darned good quality! When Rarity was given butterfly wings, it was there so they could release Butterfly Wing ponies. No one complained about this. Crystal Empire released a new set of sparkly toys. No one complained about this. Everything in the show has been to promote the toys, nothing has changed. They even made a White Celestia for us because people wanted her accurate, and they did so.

I have faith that the writers will put some logic and good lore behind this whole thing, and will take care of it, just as they took care of 'Butterfly' ponies and 'Crystal' ponies, and even the Wedding sets.

For collectors, Alicorn Twilight is a fresh new toy to have on the shelf, and she's honestly not a bad design. (Well, her dress is a bit silly…)

   Twilight Alicorn will ruin the show!

It's not the end. As a princess, it opens a whole new WORLD of possibilities we never had before! We've been in Ponyville for 3 seasons, shouldn't it be fair to give the show a chance to take a new direction? Rather than lessons of friendship, we can learn lessons of responsibility, and explore the greater world of Equestria. Think about it, if she becomes a Princess, she would need to become familiar with the world around her, and her friends can still come with her and help her.
Being a princess does NOT end a story, in opens a new page. They already said there will be a season 4, and I want to see more based on the mythology and society of Equestria. And Twilight being a princess is a potential gateway to that whole world!

   Well, if she becomes an Alicorn it's not fair that her friends don't!

Not everyone in a circle of friends is going to become famous or achieve greatness at the same time. It's illogical and highly unlikely. Another thing, what would her friends really have to gain from being alicorns? Twilight is training her magic, this has been her destiny as the Princess's protege from the start of her lessons. Her friends do not have these same goals.

In fact, Twilight becoming an Alicorn can even aid her friends in reaching their own dreams. Rainbow Dash is already on her way to being a Wonderbolt, and they seem to reside in Canterlot.

Rarity's dresses became noticed in Canterlot, and she's always wanted to live there with the culture and fashion. Her friend being a princess opens a whole new world of fashion possibilities for her.

Applejack was given a high responsibility as head of the family when she was given the task of putting together the family reunion. She's content with her life on the farm, and has no reason to need to be an alicorn. But her friend being a princess could help provide more funding for her farm, and might bring ponies in from other towns wanting to try their food.

Fluttershy is content with her animals, and Pinkie is just… Pinkie. They are fine with who they are, they wont have anything to gain from being Alicorn Princesses.

So, really, the only one that seems to fit that role is Twilight Sparkle, and she's honestly earned it after all her hard work.

In Closing, I just want to say that everyone should calm down, think of the good possibilities this could open, and put a little more trust in the writers. We don't know where this could go. We don't know if it will be a permanent change, or a short gag. We don't know how the episode will end or what Twilight chooses. We don't know what could be in store for season 4.

The unknown is scary, yes. It's the most common thing we fear. But the community is what truly makes Bronies, NOT the show, and as a community we should be ready to embrace change and continue the way we always have.

With love and toleration.
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DerpyWolf44 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013   Digital Artist
SPOILERS!!!! Everyone here. In the last episode of season 3 twilight becomes a fukin princess!!! The episode has already come out long ago!!
Coobalt-Dahonli-One Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
After reading all of this, with all due respect, I think you're giving too much credit to the writers.
Gabriel-C Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
A very well thought through speech/journal. It's called having a mind that is open to possibilities and the creativity to see those possibilities.
caspermycat2 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013
ShadowSilverwolf Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Student General Artist
And they Self-Inserted obvious toy adverts too.
ShadowSilverwolf Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Sadly, it came out as "Every little girl wants to be a Pretty Pretty Princess". BS.
Xenadion Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
Thank you so much for this!
Amadhia Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Very well said! <3

To be honest, I'm a little fearful that this might be the show's "Shark Jumping" moment since season 3 seemed (to me) to be less focused on exploring the concepts of friendship, (and how to be a good friend -- things that I found helpful even as an adult).

But I do have hopes that it will simply give the writers more ways to explore the core theme of the show, that friendship truly is magic. <3
Amadhia Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Professional Filmographer
(And just a stray thought that happened after I hit "Send"...)

Not that the writers have to pay attention to this tiny detail... but wouldn't Twilight's cutie mark (one star surrounded by five other prominent sparkles) imply that her destiny is tied to her friends?
MLP-Silver-Quill Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To see a character they are familiar with becoming a princess, not from being related to royalty but instead from her own hard work and diligence is inspiring for a young child.

This gets at the heart of my greatest confusion. What makes the title "princess" so coveted?

Twilight was always an admirable character, so I don't understand how granting her a title will make her more special.

But I lack perspective. What does the target audience think when someone says "Princess"?
Cheese1121 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
I doubt this will break the friendship or anything, but I really hope she stays in Ponyville.
Pikkthedestroyer Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
I do agree that everybody should just calm down and wait for the episode (and season 4) to come out first before suddenly jumping to conclusions and running around in circles like a bunch of chickens. However, in their defense, I also agree that the fandom has the right to let hasbro know how they feel about radical, or out-of-the-blue decisions like this one. Not that we should act like spoiled children, should everyone's fears be realized, celestia forbid, but instead act like civilized human beings, and express our discontent in a peaceful, non-bloody (and non-silly) manner. Diplomacy was invented for a reason, and IF these fears should be realized, we must be diplomatic, and mature about it.

I guess in a way the only reason why I would support the protesters, is because MY fear is that the series is about to jump the shark, (just like all of the other cartoons I grew up with, whom their writers decided to do something radical to the show in an attempt to maintain it's audience, but ended up doing just the opposite). I mean no disrespect to the writers of the show, nor those who do not share my concerns. This is only my opinion, and like I said in the beginning, I will wait to see what happens first, before making any further speculations, and I only hope the rest of the fandom will not drag the rest of us down into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Peace.
Simple-Talent Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
( Claps ) This has been an inspiration to me, At first i was freaked out by the part but then a few days later, i accepted this fact. It'll be a great oppurtunity for twilight to be a alicorn, I mean. she deserves being one, she's the only one in the mane 6 who has the crown. and she has a good heart and she is willing to help a pony in need, and she has been Celestia's favorite student since she was still a filly, she deserves this part and i'm accepting it Awesomely.
Nevidimkin Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
"The unknown is scary", my ass.
DerpyTwilight Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
The unknown IS scarey to some, & don't swear, it's not nice?!
Nevidimkin Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
I guess you're right, but I think that "Twi-alicorn" is not a problem at all.
Sorry to vented frustration on you.
DerpyTwilight Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
True! It's not a problem, in fact I made one of the pics the new background on my cell phone! It'll just take some time to get used to seeing Twilight with wings. I can't wait to see what happens in the new season. It'll be luck that they'll take the hub off my TV just before the new season starts, &/or I'll not be able to watch online!
ChocolateChipPony Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
It's inspiring for anyone at any age. I can't wait for that episode, I am sooooo looking forward to it, & great write up here. ^_^
ChocolateChipPony Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
REplying to my own message to add more. I agree with you. As someone once said there's no one you can be other than yourself, & if no one can accept you for you, then you don't need them as a friend. Or something along those lines. So yeah it'd be stupid for Twi's friends to not be her friend anymore, just because she is a Princess. If she does become one.
maxvision92 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You know, this much drama would NEVER have happened in the Transformers fandom. Heck, half the things bronies freak out over are things TransFans have gotten over ages ago. Like discrepancies in character names. Or writers joining the staff from other cartoons. (I'm still bitter over the calls for Merriweather Williams' head)
Light-san Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
It's only human to be scared of something new or something we don't under stand thats why we should give it a chance see how we like it, there is no harm in trying something new, it might be a great hit to everyone who watches my little pony, In fact as you stated with Pinkie Pie she would be able to do party's for more famies pony's in other towns and make them happy as well ^_^
Tearahk Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Couldn't have said it better myself, my friend. ^_^
I'm still keeping a reserved oppinon until after everything is said and done. And I've trusted the writers so far. No reason to go back on them now. :D
Tearahk Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Couldn't have said it better myself, my friend. ^_^
I'm still keeping a reserved oppinon until after everything is said and done. And I've trusted the writers so far. No reason to go back on them now. :D
CptTooner Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is it unfair to assume that this whole "Alicorn Twilight" business is becoming the new "Derpygate?"
maxvision92 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Only even more stupid.
Gathriel Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
Well said. I'll admit, a month or so ago I was very much against her becoming one: I would contradict statements and deny everything pointing it out. Honestly, I just said "Whatever, I've stopped caring." and just decided to go with what they planned.

I don't hate the idea of her becoming a princess, I actually like it. Her being taller is more of a "Meh/Ugh..." to me though. Immortal on the other hand... I'm pretty sure that's only Celestia and Luna's trait.
rphb Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
As you are quite clearly one of the blind yes men I feel it is my duty to enlighten you by defusing all of your claims.

1)“alicorn Twilight has been something hinted at since season one”
Wrong, there have been no hint before season 3. the only thing that can even remotely be classified as a hint is the “crony star thingy” which could be interprented any number of ways, the first clear hint was in season 3 after Lauran Faust left the show, presumably because she rage quit after seeing her characters destroyed. She wants to work on her own set where she holds the copyright so this doesn’t happen again.

2) “I highly doubt the show creators would break the friendship of the characters, nor would they make Twilight "Outlive" her friends”
That is a matter of focus which is irrelevant. Alicorns are immortals. Why because they can live for thousands of years without aging. She will outlive her friends if she is an alicorn and they are not. We can do the Cadance #2 solution and say that she doesn’t become a true alicorn but just a lesser, “winged unicorn” like Cadance, this could solve this problem however.

3) To see a character they are familiar with becoming a princess, not from being related to royalty but instead from her own hard work and diligence is inspiring for a young child.”
Do you see what you did wrong here? Let me clarify it more:
“her own hard work and diligence”
That my friend is a lie. Twilight have worked hard in improving her magic but what we see here is a quantum leap. Instead of becoming the archmage or professor she becomes something she didn’t work for and didn’t deserve. This is as inspiring to young children as in making them believe in Santa Class or telling them that they diffidently will become the president one day. You are saying that she “deserves this” so she deserves this more then her friends, she is better then her friends.
You repeat point three later by saying she has earned this. But the key critique here is that she has not.

4) Twilight's friendship will be over because of this.
Her friends all have their roots in Ponyville. While we could give Pinkie a job in the city and Rarity might even thrive better there, you can’t move Sweet Apple Acres and Fluttershy is too much of a recluse to be able to thrive in Canterlot. And yes, Ponyville is no place for a princess so Twilight would have to move. She can come visit of course but the fact of the matter is that long distance never works. This have been proven true too many times to be disputed.

5) Hasbro is making her a princess just to make more toys!
You are even admitting this. What made the first two season so good was that it was the show that was primary. It was never meant to be a pure commercial for a toy. I think we all know how bad cartoons become that has their physical merchandise as their primary focus. Can you say yu-gi-oh.
This moves shows that the series itself has become secondary to the toys and that is a clear sign of doom.

6) Twilight Alicorn will ruin the show!
Yes it will, it can ruin the show by focusing too much on the new Mary Sueified Twilight, or it can ruin the show by shifting the focus to a new generation of ponies like the Cutiemark Crysaders. What we liked about the show, the dynamics of the main six will be forever destroid.

7) Well, if she becomes an Alicorn it's not fair that her friends don't!
Twilights magical abilities make her suitable for becoming an archmage and her scholarly abilities make her suitable for being a professor. With her Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder and frantic paranoia she is as suitable for being a princess as I am suitable of being “the supreme emperor of earth. If I had been that you might already be in one of my deathcamps for just posting stuff like this so thank God that I am just as powerless as you are.

Now you are right in your second part that her friends are mostly content with the roles they have. But of course there are room for each of them to grow, but Twilight becoming a princess is less logical then Pinkie secretly being a draconequus.
They have as much (or as little) to gain from becoming a princess as Twilight have and is as much deserving.

We can say that this is an element of magic thing, that is an element thing. And as each of her friends are a paragon of the virtue that Equestria is build upon each of them are worthy of being an alicorn.
In fact I will go so far as to say that each of them are more worthy then Twilight. She is just the center, the focus point, the spark that when all the others are together can ignite the elements.

In closing I have to say you are wrong in all accounts.
SwiftestShadow Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
I would just like to point out a lot of your arguments revolve around the claim that everything everyone else says is "irrelevant", making your arguments fairly weak. And I'm not referring only to this comment I'm replying to, but your other ones as well.

I feel I must counter a few points you made.

You mention that alicorns are immortal. Hardly enough evidence to prove that case, considering we only know of 3 alicorns, and only two of which we know for sure have incredibly long lives. To make an assumption about all alicorns from so little is shallow-minded.
So far as I can see, alicorns are merely extremely powerful spellcasters. And Twilight certainly fits that description.

You also call so many characters Mary Sues, that I'm beginning to wonder whether you even know what a Mary Sue is. A Mary Sue is, so to speak, a "perfect character". A boring character because there's no development, no flaws. They simply are there. I can definitively assure you that becoming an alicorn is hardly perfection, especially if you consider the whole Nightmare Moon incident. Nor are Cadance and Shining Armor Mary Sues or Gary Stus as you so boldly claim.
Shining Armor is shown to be fallible. He failed to recognize a shift in demeanour in Changeling-Cadance, he was disabled by King Sombra after trying to hold him off for the others to escape. The only magic he's demonstrated revolves around barriers (natural, considering his name and cutie mark) and basic spells you would expect of someone in the guards.
Cadance is an interesting character. She's shown to be willing to work hard, to earn her happy endings in the Season 2 finale. She does not wait around helplessly, expecting others to fix the problem for her. I will concede that there's not much characterization for Cadance, where we don't know too much about her. But that goes both ways for our arguments. I cannot fully argue that she's not a Mary Sue, but neither can you argue that she is.

I get the impression you seem to believe that alicorns automatically equate Mary Sues, which is hardly true at all. Alicorns are not gods, they are merely powerful. And even if they were demi-gods, that means nothing in terms of being a Mary Sue. Compare to a similar "demi-god", the Doctor. He's no god, but merely a Time Lord that has knowledge on everything and can defeat every foe he meets. Yet he also shows mercy and righteousness, always giving his enemy a chance and only kills because there's no other way. Doesn't that sound like Mary Sue material to you? If we left the Doctor just like that, he would definitively be, and yet he is not. Why? Because the deal with the Doctor is in the depth of his character, of his inner struggles, and not of what he's capable of. He's an ancient man with thousands of regrets. He's a wild fire that would destroy everything unless someone holds him back.
Same thing with Twilight. She will become an alicorn, and yet she will still be the same Twilight underneath the flesh. She will still care deeply for her friends, and she will still be the lovable bookworm. The only way you can not like alicorn-Twilight is that you never liked Twilight's character in the first place. In which case, her becoming an alicorn was never the issue.

And so what if her becoming an alicorn is a permanent change? Should one of your friends get into a car accident and be permanently scarred, would you stop being friends with them because they are "different from before"? I hardly think so. So Twilight just happens to get a permanent power upgrade and becomes an alicorn. That means nothing in terms of her friendship with the rest of the Mane 6. And the title of Princess doesn't seem to mean much either. Celestia and Luna are the sole rulers of Equestria. Everyone else who has a similar title holds no authority (or rather, nonequivalent). It can be thought of as the child of the president of the United States. They would have no authority. Or like the Princes or Princesses of Britain. They have little to no power either, and the head of state is still the Queen, not "the royal family".
I personally think that Twilight becoming a "Princess" is merely an oversimplification in terms, considering this is a children's show. Had this been meant for older demographics, I'm certain she would have received the title of Duchess or something similar. But seeing as, according to Hasbro, "little girls wouldn't know what a Duke is", they made her Princess instead. Prince Blueblood has gotten the same treatment, in case you forgot.

Also, the show has always been about the toys, ever since Season 1. That is in fact the reason why Hasbro turned a blind eye on the Youtube videos of the episode for so long. Cherilee, for instance, was never meant to be in the show, and was only brought back because Hasbro wanted to sell toys of her. I think it safe to say that the writers did a good job putting her into the show. So now they ask for Twilight to be an alicorn. With the writers' track record, it is likely they will do a good job at that as well. But it is admittedly a little too soon to say either way, whether they will do a good job or not.

So basically, your arguments are flawed in that it lies too much on the claim that they're "Mary Suing" Twilight. You also put too much precedence in your own personal judgement on what is "relevant" and what is not. For instance, on #2, you claim that it is a matter of focus and therefore irrelevant. Quite the opposite can be said, actually. For a show, it is all about focus. Anything that doesn't happen in it holds no precedence to the actual show itself. Everything beyond that is merely assumptions, and fanon.

I said this before, I'll say it again: What makes a good character-driven show like MLPFiM is not what they are, but who they are. Whether Twilight becomes an alicorn, a princess, a god, or a peasant, an earth pony or pegasus. She will still be the bookworm with a fascination for magic, Twilight Sparkle.

With due respect, I would advise against claiming everything someone else says is wrong, as you did. Nor is it advisable to act pretentious and self-righteous, claiming to "enlighten by defusing all [BDR's] claim". No argument is perfect, and it just makes you look all the dumber when someone finds a flaw.
rphb Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
Okay first sorry for the long wait.


1) Alicorns are immortal. That have been proven in the show, we can have a subgroup called “winged unicorns” that looks like alicorns but are really not, many believe that Cadance is such and that that is what Twilight will turn into.
2) Mary sue does not mean a perfect character it means a character with too few faults. Cadance and shining Armer was literally just jumped in from nowhere and Cadance is loved by all for no reason.
3) I don’t think alicorns are Mary sues I just claim that they are gods, because that is the definition of the word.

4) “The only way you can not like alicorn-Twilight is that you never liked Twilight's character in the first place”
Now that is a pure lie. If I like a character as they are, I would like to see them become radically changed. Well NO. I liked her as the bookworm and exocentric small town librarian, and her ascending destroys that aspect. She may still be a bookworm but it is just no longer cute when she becomes a princess.

Imagine if you will Leonard Hofstadter from the Big Bang Theory, another adorkable charecter, finding a cure for his lactose intolerance, getting laser eye surgery and becoming bigger and more muscular then any of Penny’s old boyfriends. This is what happens to Twilight ten times squared.

5) Cadence the original counter example of an alicorn holding no authority have been proven wrong in the season premiere where she became the sole ruler of the crystal empire the “crystal princess” so all alicorns hold great authority

6) Toys, No the toys have until now always been secondary. They are very crude and ugly and only vaguely resemble the characters from the show. And the show needs to be focused on telling the story first and selling the toys second in order to be good.

7) Focus. No you are right that they wont focus on it, and we can discuss how relevant and irrelevant that will be, but the fact of the matter is that an implication of becoming an alicorn is immortality and you can’t say that is irrelevant.

8) “I said this before, I'll say it again: What makes a good character-driven show like MLPFiM is not what they are, but who they are.”
True, when the what is stable that is. We are talking about Ponies here but it might as well have been humans or dragons or carebears. However when they suddenly changes what they are it becomes very relevant.
I actually had a small fic in mind, (one of the many I don’t think I will write) where Twilight accidentally teleports herself to an alternative dimension inhibited by carebearlike versions of her friends. She is horrified to lean that these versions are completely carnivorous and that the bearversion of Applejack farms apple for the sole reason of giving to her pigs who she then slaughter.
The story then goes that Twilight teleports back but got “polluted” on the way, (like in the fly) and she starts to crave meet. Trying to suppress it she becomes more and more savage. The bears then comes and help her right before it all goes horribly wrong. The manage to separate her from their version of her, and she leans that just because they eat meat doesn’t make them monsters, and the only reason why she started to act like one was because she was completely suppressing it. She learns a valuable lessen, meets the bearlike version of herself and everyone ends up as friends. I know it is a little lame and as I told you I don’t think I am going to right it. It just deals with some misconceptions of what it means to be different.

My point being that there are a lot of differences and it is a very big deal for her to gain wings, and it is not something that can just be accepted in a cheesy manner. It WILL change everything.
SwiftestShadow Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
#1 - They never said so in the show. I have already said that perhaps Celestia and Luna are the sole exceptional cases, alicorns that have attained immortality. Nowhere, ever, did it say that alicorns are inherently immortal.

#2 - "A character with too few flaws". A dull character, in other words. However, you should also keep in mind that Mary Sues usually applies to main characters. But even if you wish to apply them to characters like Cadance and Shining Armor. They haven't received enough focus from the show for those flaws you seek to be fleshed out. You can't exactly fault them for not receiving enough screen time. We don't see enough of them to establish whether they can be called Mary Sue (at least, called so fairly), and the writers did what they could with the little attention they get. Armor and Cadance has always been the type of characters that the heroine had to help, not someone that you focus a lot of character development on. I'm guessing you disagree, but with what little we see of those two, I personally wouldn't call them dull. Albeit they did come out of nowhere, that I will concede.
Also, the "loved by all for no reason". Remember the fandom, where we pay a lot of attention to the background ponies, whom, save for an interesting appearance and occasionally behaviour, we technically have no reason to take interest in at all. Don't try to bring that argument up, cause I doubt it will bring much.

#3 - False. Alicorns means winged unicorns. Nowhere ever did anyone call alicorns god. Heck, if you really want to get into definitions, alicorns actually refers to a unicorn horn, and not the species. But it is accepted as the term for winged unicorns.

#4 - "I liked her as the bookworm and exocentric small town librarian." Not sure what you mean by exocentric, however, we know for sure that she will still be the bookworm and small town librarian. Her "ascension" does not mean she becomes god, of all things. It's not like becoming a princess changes much from what she was previously, a heroine and bearer of the Element of Magic, and saviour of Princess Luna, Ponyville and all of Equestria. Evidently, being that changed nothing, so it's highly doubtful being a princess will change much either at this point.
And how does getting wings or becoming a princess change the "cuteness factor" of Twilight Sparkle? Does a title change so much of a character? I'm fairly certain that Princess Luna has been well received and has a notable cuteness factor.
Not liking a character just because they are an alicorn or a princess is just shallow and stupid, not to mention essentially racist.
As for your Leonard analogy, that falls flat for me. Being lactose intolerant is just a small character quirk that is repeatedly poked fun at, but does not embody his character, or his wearing glasses. If you removed those two, the "story" would probably not change much from what it is right now. As for the muscles... What you're saying with Leonard is giving him something he never had (more muscles and buffness). But in this situation, it would be more akin to raising his IQ or giving him more knowledge, heck, or even have the university increase the funding to his research. That changes nothing about his character. They've done that with Koothrapali. They even made Howard a freaking astronaut, yet once he returned, he's still Howard + Character Development.

What they're doing here is simply giving a bit more magical powers to an already powerful unicorn. It won't change much about her.

#5 - I concede that Cadance was given a reduced "empire" to rule, though from what I gathered (the show has never made this point clear), she's still subordinate to Celestia and Luna and part of Equestria.
However, I am more referring to Blueblood, who holds the title of Prince, a male equivalent to Princess, yet as far as we can tell, does nothing.
And the truer statement would be "All alicorns we know of holds great authority". Hardly means all alicorns (period) holds great authority. For all we know, there could be other alicorns out there that does not have such a high title. Heck, Cadance was once a foalsitter. Hardly a job fitting of a "princess". And at the time, I don't think Twilight has made herself so notable to Celestia yet either.

#6 - It is a merchandise driven show, the toys has always been the purpose of the show. It's just that at least they didn't turn the show into a living advertisement of their products. You don't see Applejack driving a tractor, for instance. And they have been focusing on the story mainly and not making it an advert. Also, keep in mind that the production for the show started long before the toy gets released. For all we know, it could be the toys adapting to the show, and not the other way around. I'm not saying that's what happened, but it's a possibility.
I will not argue about the toys quality, but whether the circumstances around their production forced the show to adapt or not, you cannot argue that the show has not focused on the story more than the products. The presence of those merchandise has only ever extended to a small shout out to it.

#7 - We're talking about how Twilight becoming an alicorn princess will "ruin the show". The possible immortality factor will not affect the show as a whole, unless they wish to leave the "show for kids" aspect. Because I doubt they will talk about aging and death to little kids. The only thing it will affect are fanons and fanfictions, which is mostly irrelevant to the show.

#8 - A "lame" fic, as you put it, hardly makes a convincing argument. However, from what I gathered from you, the lesson in that fic is that just because they are carnivorous bears, doesn't mean they're bad. So from that, I'm guessing that the bear version of the mane 6 are the same, except that they're carnivorous bears. But see, the fundamental characters are still the same, unless they go OOC, in which case they're different characters altogether, and not just "the mane 6 made into bears". For instance, the way you word it, Applejack "slaughters" her pigs, you make it sound like she enjoys brutality, which isn't quite true. But like the farmer she is, she still harvests her produce, which just happens to be pigs. A little grim, yes, but it's part of her character... as a bear.
Obviously, if they were to change species, a few things must be changed to compensate for that change. However, going from unicorn to alicorn, though a change, is not as extreme as changing from pony to bear. Unicorns and alicorns are still equines, while a bear is a whole different category of animals, an ursus.
However, referring to a fic that not everyone knows, and one with a rather unorthodox context, doesn't make too good an argument for either of us. Heck, I almost read what you wrote as you accepting this change.

Now, yes, there will be some changes to Twilight becoming an alicorn. But it is not necessarily a bad change. Maybe not a "good" change, but certainly not a bad one.

One thing I noticed about your arguments is that they seem to be heavily fanon-biased. You consider stuff that has only been established in fanon to be the real deal.

We could continue to argue, but frankly, most everything here on both sides of the argument is just speculations. We don't know for sure how Twilight becoming an alicorn princess will affect the show. I think it would be better for the both of us if we just sit back and see what they come up with for the season finale before saying anything else. The writers have yet to truly disappoint, and I doubt they will start now.
rphb Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
#1 I will like to make a distinction between “alicorn” and “winged unicorn. With winged unicorn I mean just that, mortal ponies that have both horn and a wing, we can also call them halfbloods, but that can be misleading especially if somepony gets magically transformed.

Alicorn is something more. It is a paragon, all three races at once and in a more pure form then they are individuals. True alicorns are powerful enogh to move Celestial bodies like the sun and the moon.
Also to the name. Alicorn means, the horn of a unicorn or the substance it is made of. It means crystallized magic so calling a pony an alicorn is calling them a being of pure magic.

I say they are immortal because they are known to have lived over a thousand year without showing any sings of senescence.
Being immortal doesn’t mean that you can’t die, just that you wont die from old age.

#2 Mary Suedom
It can be discussed to no end whether or not a character is a Mary Sue most of all because there are no clear definition to go after. However when I say “loved for no reason” I mean in the show. The writers can control how characters react not how fans reacts, and both Cadance and Shinning Armor came out of the blue and have been universally loved by everypony in the show.

#3 Alicorn
Alicorn does not mean winged unicorn, if it did we would just say it. I already explained what Alicorn means so when we use the term we need to apply it to something more then a mere unicorn with wings. There is no doubt anywhere in the fandom that Luna and Celestia is more then mere unicorns with a couple of extra appendages. Cadance is “in the doubt zone” but these two are clearly something more. When we use the term alicorn we refers to that something “more”, if we didn’t we would just call them winged unicorns.

#4 Eccentric
Eccentric, dam faulty spelling corrector. Twilight is eccentric at best, but I belive as others have pointed out that there is a real possibility that she suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, she is prone to frantic paranoia and is a danger to herself and her surroundings.

And for my Leonard analogy it felt flat on you I can understand but I don’t understand why, other people I told it to totally got it. My point was, take an adorkable character, remove everything that is dorky about and you are left with a boring Mary Suelike character.

That is what they are doing to Twilight, they are Mary Sueing her, she is already overpowered compared to the rest of her friend, giving her wings will distort the grope dynamics even more.

Some fanfics have called Celestia and Luna “High Princesses” to explain the differences between the obvious ruling or sovereign princesses and the more normal subordinate prince and princesses. Many thinks that Blueblood hold the title “prince” due to him being the Duke of Canterlot, and that it is only that an empty title. It would make sense, however Cadance is different in the fact that she is at minimum a winged unicorn and for the fact that she got her own city to run. Twilight will at minimum get the same, and it is likely to say that that city is going to be Ponyville.

As for the
1) All known alicorns holds great power
2) Twilight is going to become an alicorn
3) Therefore she is going to hold great power

Is, I agree, not a pure logical deduction. It is however an induction in the same category as:
1) Every time I let go of a coin it drops to the floor
2) I let go of a coin
3) It will drop to the floor.

It is the simplest, most scientific and thereby the best explanation and it needs some serious counter arguments in order to be disputed where the burden of proof are entirely in your hands.

#6 merchandise
That can be discussed. Many of the toys that Hasbro have sold were not up to par with the show, a Pink Owlicious? It is not difficult to make one that is brown, the same goes for Celestia. The merchandise have been sub par for most of the shows living and are still somewhat behind even though they have gotten better.
You can do two things, you can make toys and then make a show about the toys in order to sell the toys, or you can make a show and then make toys based on that show to make that extra bit. It is dangerous when the shows starts to become too much of a commercial for its toys, “Yu-Gi-Oh!” is a painful example of this. Even if they toys came before the show it can still work out as long as the show isn’t dictated by it. It is a dangerous slippery slope and if we start on that pretty soon we would see This: [link] walking around Ponyville.

#7 Immortality effect
I am also thinking about the fandom here. In all my future fanfics I think I would have to write “certain events in season 3 are to be ignored”. People have argued that we could just equip our stories with the “alternative universe” tag, but that tag shouldn’t be used as a “get out of jail card”, it’s when people genuinely writes about something in an alternative universe like Kkats Fallout Equestria, not when they want to go OOC.

#8 Change and balance
My main concern is about balance, balance in the main six. It has always been problematic that Twilight had special connections and had particularly powerful magic but we saw in the first season how that could just as often be a hindrance rather then a help. It is important when you construct a group of characters that they are both individually balanced and balanced as a group. In the main six we have two of every race but only Applejack, Rainbow and Twilight are essentially bounded to their race, we could have made the other three into any of the tree races, without changing their essence, Faust choose two of each to create balance.
Twilight’s ascension destroys that carefully planned balance, it doesn’t just distort it. We have an Apple farmer, a designer, a baker, an animal caretaker and a weather manager, and to complete the group we had before just a librarian, but now a princess. That’s not really equal now is it?

And it doesn’t just disturbs the balance in the main group it disturbs the balance of the three races of all of Equestria. Twilight becomes a winged unicorn because “she is so good with magic”
Being good enough with magic, something only a unicorn can be, makes one ascend. Instead of appealing to earthpony pried, which can use all the boost it can get, they are flaming the flag of Unicorn supremacism, taking one from the already overprivileged race and removing all her bounds.
Twilight’s ascension would naturally led to political unrest and race wars, they can’t address this in the show because it is too serious a topic. But to ignore it completely, they create a gaping plot hole that can only be described as a form of suedom.
SwiftestShadow Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
Sigh... I see you insist on taking this discussion further. Very well.

#1 The distinction between "alicorns" and "winged unicorns" is not a universal distinction, within the show or within the fandom. Never has it been defined that there's a difference, though granted never has it been defined that there isn't a difference. The main issue with your argument here is that you rely on fanon interpretations, since nowhere in the show did they ever mention such kind of distinctions.
Now, yes, you defined alicorns as a pony that is a merging of all three races, rather than only of unicorns and pegasus. Fair enough, Faust has said that after all. But no where is there such a mention of "winged unicorns". You merely place Cadance within that category because you wish to put Luna and Celestia on a higher plane, so to speak.
And, should we take that definition of alicorn to mean a being of pure magic. Who more appropriate than Twilight then? One who's demonstrated incredible magical prowess. One whose talent is magic.

Also, you talk about immortality. Just so you know: Immortal = not mortal. Mortal - subject to death. Means can die. Therefore immortal = not subject to death = can't die. What you're thinking is actually described as eternal youth.

#2 Loved by everyone within the show? Well that's hardly a fair reason then. Shining Armor and Cadance were two ponies very close to Twilight in her youth, naturally she would like them then. And the rest of the mane 6, being friends with Twilight, would hardly begrudge them unless they have done something that would really upset them. Shining Armor has done no such thing, and Cadance (not changeling) has done nothing wrong to them either.
And we hardly see any other characters interact with them either, so you can't say loved by everypony within the show. Because it would make no sense if they don't get along with them.

#3 Not gonna repeat my above argument here.

#4 In the latest episode, we have seen her capable of remaining calm in a crisis. A case of character development. And do keep in mind that Lesson Zero has occurred pretty much a whole season ago, at which point, Twilight had more than enough time to develop into a less "dangerous" pony, as you would describe.

>Adorkable character. Remove everything adorkable about them.
That is not at all what is going on here. Twilight will remain the adorkable pony we all know her to be. In fact, nothing is being removed.

"Overpowered compared to the rest of the group"? To that I must object. You seem to think that the only value in a pony is how much magical power they have. Twilight has always been the magical powerhouse of the group. Her talent is magic, just like Rainbow's talent is flying and speed. And just like Rainbow occasionally messes up a stunt, Twilight occasionally messes up a spell. Both of them ply to their skills, practicing whenever they can, and soon grow to flourish in their own ways.
If power is measured by flight, for instance, would you say Rainbow Dash is overpowered?
If power is measured by your ability to tend to others, would you say Fluttershy is overpowered?
I may be taking your statement a little far, but you calling her overpowered is also taking it a little far. Twilight has been working on her magic almost her whole life, and really, if she didn't have some skills by now, then she would be the polar opposite of "overpowered".

#5 Well... that's a given. Twilight is known to be fairly powerful at magic, and becoming an alicorn won't change that fact.
And Twilight might not get a city upon her coronotation to Princess. After all, Cadance has been a princess of a city that didn't exist for a very long time. Therefore, being a princess evidently does not signify dominion over a city.
However, Twilight will become a Princess, that much is a given. The significance of that, however, cannot be predicted.

#6 The toys were made first, actually. That is why they're not show accurate. The later production began matching the show (moreso than original). My Little Pony is in fact, toy first, show second. Has always been, otherwise, Hasbro would not have been so lenient on leaving full episodes on youtube.
Technically, we do see that kind of things in Ponyville. It's just that the representation will not look like the product. As I'm certain you're aware, the resemblance between show and item has not been too big a concern, so even if they did want that product in the show, the animators would make it look less off.

#7 Well... that's a different issue altogether. We were arguing how it would "ruin the show". Destroying fanfics is irrelevant to ruining the show.
That said, immortality shouldn't be too big a concern unless you plan on writing a sad fic where they all die of age. Well, this makes it even better cause it will be far more tragic if Twilight is forced to live on. Makes for much better story.
And yes, I admit there's a certain limitation to the use of Altenate Universe tag. However, talking about mortality or not should not affect that particular tag, cause there's nothing within canon that addresses it.

#8 Well, why not a princess? In reality, all difference in social class does it make it a little bit more difficult to be friends, but it's hardly impossible. And weather manager, considering how vast a job it is (manage the weather throughout the whole land and control the seasons? pretty big deal), is not such a "small deal".
I will admit, that the imbalance of the three races of ponies amongst the Mane 6 might be a little... off. However, it reflects closer to reality now, because not every group of friends will have the same amount of ethnic groups. There will be a minority (or a token individual even), or there might even be a lack therefore. That said, this is the only point of contention to Twilight becoming an alicorn I have. However, in the big picture, it's not too important an issue. We still have 2 spells caster, 2 flyers (primarily flying, I mean), and 2 ground-bounds.

"Being good enough with magic, something only a unicorn can be." Not necessarily true. Faust has said that all 3 races have magic. Twilight just happens to be good with her kind. Granted, most don't recognize non-unicorn magic to be magic at all, since it seems so mundane.
And really, in terms of politics, I get the impression that being a Princess or Prince is only a unicorn thing. A bit of a cultural mesh, if you will. The ancient pegasi used military ranks to determine leadership, and the earth ponies had chancellors and councils. I think it fair to say there is something like that in the modern Equestria, what with Ponyville having a mayor.
Also, do remember, that ultimately, the sole rulers of Equestria are Celestia and Luna. Whether or not we accept your theory of "winged unicorns", the ones who ultimately holds the authority are the two that, for sure, embodies all three races. So a unicorn becomes an alicorn, isn't it better now that Celestia's protege is one who also represents all three races? Said unicorn is also a hero, having saved Equestria multiple times.
Also, what flag would that be? Cause I really don't recall seeing any flag that flaunts unicorn supremacy ever.

Again, your arguments are flawed in that they're based on your own headcanon that has never been established in the show. And a plot hole only occurs when there's a hole in the logic behind the plot. If the political implications are not at all part of the story, there's hardly any plot holes. Granted, given some information, it definitely implies things that may be of significance in the expanded universe.

Finally, I noticed that your arguments are no longer talking about how Twilight becoming an alicorn princess would ruin the show, but about how it would ruin fanon, or facts that the fandom has "agreed" upon. Sadly, every big event or big changes will do that, you must expect that. There's always the possibility that the story goes in an unexpected direction. For many, this was the unexpected turn. What you need to learn is to adapt to these new facts.
rphb Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
Why do you insist on seeing all of this as such a good thing? I have again and again tried to explain what's so bad about it and you just brush it all aside. I will repeat the one most important argument that I noticed you did not addresses.

Balance. Say what you want the fact that Twilight gains wings AND becomes a princess WILL put her on a pedestal compared to her friends. It is an objective fact that it is a higher social position to be a princess then it is to be a baker, and it is objectively better to could fly AND use magic, then it is to could fly OR use magic.

Twilights ascension makes her better then her friends, please understand this.

And please understand why this bothers me so much.
Fellmoon Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
Well you made you feelings on your disagreement with all of this clear fast, didn't even give the points made a chance.
rphb Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
what do you mean?
Fellmoon Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
You shot down everything BaldDumboRat said, not even considering what was written even though based on what the show MLP:FiM is (by it's very name) would make it at least fairly reasonable.
You as so certain that you are right that you refuse to see the situation in a different way.
rphb Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
I didn't shot down everything, there was a couple of points where there could be an exit from but the main points still fails
Fellmoon Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
You shot down just about everything. In your eyes they fail, I see them as reasonable and the most likely directions that will be take.
rphb Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
what do you see as the most likely direction they will take?
Fellmoon Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
Well they will not destroy the friendship that has developed over all this time and they will not be giving Twilight a power boost (or more at least not a permanent one). They will not allow Twilight to be alienated by her friends and others.

Also Twilight never was a Mary Sue nor will she become one. Oh please read this: [link]
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JitterbugJive Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Al I can tell you is this: The episode is not out. So quit being so negative about a show for children and just wait before you start panicking and making assumptions.
Cadence and Shining Armor were rather well accepted in the fandom, but they were treated almost as badly as Alicorn Twilight before the episode came out.
So maybe you should learn a lesson from that, because they were ALSO created to make new toys and add a princess. And an Alicorn married a Unicorn.
And I feel you didn't really pay attention to my points.
For example, your comment on long distance. Babs and Applebloom still get along, they don't live in the same town. Granny Smith lives apart from her favorite cousin, but even in old age THEY are friends.
I live 3,000 miles apart from my friend and have for 5 years now and I spent half my life growing up with her. We're still friends even though we only get to see eachother maybe less than once a year. So your point makes NO sense. Maybe they don't work for YOU, but they DO work if your friendship is strong enough. Distance should not be a factor on how you treat your friends. Sorry. But no cookie.

There's no good in being a bitter individual who always expects the worst. All it does is cause drama, create unneeded self stress, and many other people who are more positive can move on and accept change and have faith in the writers of this show. I am sorry you have to be so strongly effected by something you haven't even seen yet.
It's sad.
rphb Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
1) Cadance and Shinning Armor could just as well have been called Mary Sue and Gary Stu because that is what they are. Despite that they didn't ruin the show because they are no more important then Trixie, they are side characters. We have seen them in two episodes now and that's that. This on the other hand is huge.

2) with long distance, yes I believe that I may have been talking about something a little more serious then friendship. So we can assume that they may continue being friends.

However that is just one point and a minor one of that that. My main argument that it will ruin the show is still valid, and you havn't even addressed a defence on that.
JitterbugJive Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know why? Because the episode hasn't come out yet and I refuse to assume anything about it.
And neither should you.
For all we know, she could just swap cutie marks with one of the Princesses on accident. We have NO idea what the circumstances are, and all you're doing is panicking over 3 little simple facts that you don't fully understand: She is going to be an Alicorn (we don't know how) She is going to be a princess (We don't know why) and she's going to be different from her friends (Even though they said her personality would not change, nor did they say she had to live in canterlot or anywhere different from them. If she's the bloody princess I'm pretty sure she can choose where she wants to live.)

As for your 2, if you're talking about romantic, I've been in a strong 2 year relationship with my boyfriend who has been by long distance friend for 10 years. :/
rphb Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
Forget #2, but your "how" "why" "what" is irrelevant. It doesn't matter how she changes, what matters is the permanency and the exclusivity.
1) She doesn't permanently change into an alicorn but goes back to normal at the end of the episode
2) Doesn't exclusively turn into an alicorn but all of the main cast becomes alicorns
THEN and ONLY THEN can this be salvaged.
Coobalt-Dahonli-One Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
Well said!

I know that they can't turn Twilight back into a unicorn, no matter how much this would pleases me, but making her friends alicorns as well would be a good compromise.

As long as it doesn't happen, I won't bow before said "purple overlord".
rphb Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
It is good to know you are not the only one
JitterbugJive Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To YOU maybe. It's your opinion, but it's not really fair to assume everyone else will feel this way.
I've been waiting to see her ascend to alicornhood since season 1, and I don't think it's fair to say she's more privileged than her friends. Seriously, if they all became alicorns their lives would kinda be ruined in one way or another. Rainbow Dash Alicorn? Seriously? She wants to be a wonderbolt and she's fine the way she is.
rphb Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Okay explain to me how her being an alicorn and them being not will not make her privileged compared to her

Glad you brought Rainbow Dash up, because I think she was the most logical choice and the best thing about her ascending is that she would have to give up on her dream for her new duties
JitterbugJive Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Let's put this in the perspective of REAL LIFE for a bit. You know, that thing this show is supposed to be teaching young girls about?
Let's say we have 6 friends who are all from different walks of life with different goals and different career paths. Despite this, they are all close knit friends and they love each other, but they are still very passionate about their own life goals. Life is unexpected, and let's say one of these friends winds up getting some incredible luck and is boosted in their status. They get a VERY important job and become extremely well known by many others. But their friendship should not be ruined than this, and it's impossible to make all their friends have this same luck or privilege happen to them.
Is that a reason to hate that one friend who happened to go a bit ahead of the others?

A good example: I was a nobody, I had no job and my art was not very well known. No one really knew who I was nor did they care. But I still had a lot of close friends back home. Due to circumstances, I had to move to the other side of the united states. And during that time since then, I've grown. I'm suddenly a very well known person with a radio play, many contacts, I'm self employed and living in a Condo rather than a crappy apartment, I pay my own bills every month, and I have fanbases in various directions including for my art and my voice talent. It just HAPPENED, and my other friends aren't well known and many of them don't have a job or a way of making money.

...Am I a bad person for this?
Are they any less my friends?
This. Is. Common. Sense.
This is how REAL LIFE works.
And my friends aren't BITTER towards me for this at all. Because they are my FRIENDS! They CARE about me and they are PROUD of me, and I am SO happy that they support me and have been there to always cheer me on and accept me for WHO I AM.

JUST like it should happen with TWILIGHT SPARKLE.
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Mars-San Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
I...I'm sorry, but I had to come to this journal to comment.

You made very valuable points on everything. YES, Twi is going to become a princess. Will that mean she'll leave her friends forever? No, of course not. Like you said, this opens up a whole new world of excitement just waiting to happen! Who knows? Maybe Cadence and Shining Armor will need her to do some things for her so they can relax? Who knows?'ll *Squeak*
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