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Pony Head YCH
Mayflyhead by JitterbugJive
Pepperhead by JitterbugJive
Custom 'your character here' using this cute head base. 
Include a reference, a name if you want a name displayed, and what expression you'd like! Basic accessories only. 
Sitting Pony YCH/Custom
Boxstep (New Adopt/YCH Base) by JitterbugJive
Get your pony or a custom adopt using this base!
Choose an expression and include your character info/reference!

They can also have basic accessories, nothing to complex.
Foal Custom/YCH
Homohorse27 by JitterbugJive
Get your pony or a custom pony made in to this cute foal base!
Include a reference/description. Basic accessories and clothing are fine, nothing too complex. 


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Jitterbug Jive
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Age: 25
Gender: Male
really immature, irritating, disgusting, trollish brats

god it makes tumblr look nice sometimes, it really does

I just had to block THREE people in the same day because they decided to complain about things like ponies and adoptables like they're somehow so much better for not liking said things

oh my god just go somewhere else, no one cares, it's not that hard you stupid little nitwits

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xXBLITZyXx Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey bug hope you like it…
Foxy0501 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Do you do art trades or request? :3

Remember when Dissy couldn't cook and that all of the panels didn't have any color? Could I color one of them, post it on deviantart, and credit you with the link to your account?

Darkimus-Primal Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016
I Have a Question for the DW&A series' Forthcoming Media from you guys that I Most Highly Recommend for you to answer...

I Remember seeing the Mention of A Power Ponies Based Superhero Episode and a Gameplay Video Showing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim from you people on The DW&A Tumbler Account and i was wondering what DW&A Series episodes, DW&A shorts, DW&A Jot's Journal Spin-Off Episodes, DW&A Gameplay Videos, DW&A Q&A Videos, and DW&A Specials Come After Jot's Journal Episode 00/01, DW&A The Isle of Flaputa Episodes 11/12, Most Recent DW&A Gameplay Video, DW&A Short Dancing, DW&A Q&A #10, and Most recent DW&A Special and if there is any major stuff that comes after these most recent videos Tell Me on my Email Account Which

Anyway this has been Ponies with Pockets Productions Biggest Fan of all time in the history of reality...Shane W.L. Nokes aka James S.K. Plasma aka Dark-Pulse/Darkimus-Primal.
TheMegaNut Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I've got some fan art. Hope the comments aren't overwhelming you. ^^;

Good day.
FoxInABox03 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016  Student General Artist
I'm not gonna sugar coat it by calling you "senpai" or something but, I will say this both you and Jestre's audio episodes, art, and all the other weird things you do is what got me to draw and find my passion again. I sincerely hope that 1. Jestre's "mom" will piss off and leave you guys alone and 2. That you guys can live better lives now that you're in a different state.
Well wishes, ~Fox
DerpyLuna112 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
<3 ur art, SEMPAII!
Darkimus-Primal Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016
Hey, I Have A Great Project Idea for the person running the DW&A Series...Hint...Before The Emperor...after The Master!!! which The Master First Gets Reincarnated in a Robot Body as the Emperor and then gets regonfigured into another more alien robot body while also regaining his title of The is the video explaining my…...
To: The Person Running the DW&A Project and You (Bluedumborat)
From: Shane W.L. Nokes aka James S.K. Plasma
P.S. I Got This Idea from watching the Video Showing The TF5 Version of Megatron/…
P.P.S. Here is the Video with the Theme Music for this version of The…
P.P.P.S. I Really Want you Guys to Use The Time Lord Known as The Master/The Emperor as The Main Adversary of The-Doctor/John-Smith for The DW&A Series Because he Would Be A Great Villian Addition and would be Voiced by A Really Great Voice Actor And When I Say Voice Actor I'm Talking About the Same Voice Actor Who voiced King Sombra in SillyFillyStudios' Fall of the Crystal Empire (Fan Made MLP Video) and Most of all Would Be The Greatest Archenemy The Doctor Has Ever Faced one that doesn't want to take over the Equestrian Race But Instead wants to Exterminate it Entirely By Building a New Robot Army Under his Complete Control, Cause The Global Mass Extinction of the Entire Pony Race, Ally with The Zygons, And Most All Destroy The Doctor and His Friends and Allies Once and For All...and that is Why Both the Person Running the DW&A Series and You aka BlueDumboRat and the rest of the Ponies with Pockets Productions Crew Should Most Certaintly Use this Idea because one it would be Appaling to A More Wider Fanbase and Would Be The 1st Ever Doctor Whooves & Assistant fan Made Inter-Season Episode Special Released after the 1st Season of DW&A in other words after Derpy and Tic-Tok Leave the TARDIS But Before The Doctor Gets his New Companions which will Be An Independence Day DW&A Special With the 1st Part of the Special Being Released in June of the Year and Also The Master as his Reincarnated Man-Made Robot Form of The Emperor will Appear in this Special...followed By Season 2 of DW&A Which will feature The Emperor Regaining his Former Title of The Master as Well as Reconfiguring his Man-Made Robot Body Into A New Alien Robot Body to Replace the Former Organic one that He Lost In the Climax of the Events of the 2009-2010 Doctor Who Christmas/New-Years Special...The End of Time as Well as Gaining the Ability to Turn into Vehicle form in both his Man-Made Robot Body and His Alien Robot which his man-made robot body has the Vehicle form of A Human 2014 Generation Cab-Over Truck and His Alien Robot Body Has the Vehicle Form of a Time-Lord Space-Time Starfighter which also has the Ability to Travel though time and Space like the Doctors Tardis accept that his Vehicle form actually is meant for Combat while the doctors tardis is meant for exploration and the fact that has 2 Unique Ability that he is only able to do in his Robot his man-Made body he Gained the Ability to Infect Other Man-Made Robots and Put them under his Complete Controll and had the Ability to Transform into vehicle form his alien body he has the same infecting ability and can transform into vehicle form accept that he now has the ability to Infect Organic Beings as Well as Being A Triple Charger Being Able To Transform into 3 Forms Rather than 2 which are A Robot Humanoid Form...An Alien Starfighter Form...and A Red-and-Black Techno-Organic Changeling Form which he Uses to Blend into the Pony Populance...and that id why you should use The Time-Lord Known as the master/The Emperor as The Main Adversary of The Doctor/John-Smith in The DW&A Series For The Independence Day Special and DW&A Season 2...
This has been Your Biggest Fan Of The Ponies with Pockets Productions Crew of All Time in the History of all of Reality Shane W.L. Nokes aka James S.K. Plasma aka Dark-Pulse/Darkimus-Primal and I'll See you Next Time

Link to Video I Got Idea…

with thanks and Dearest Hopes Up,
From The Biggest fan of all time in the history of reality of the ponies with pockets productions Crew,
Shane W.L. Nokes aka James S.K. Plasma aka Dark-Pulse/Darkimus-Primal
MissAnimegrl Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there, Darkimus-- This is The Fangirl, one of the folks working in Ponies With Pockets. First, let me just say, we do appreciate the creativity and the imagination of fans. After all, being fans ourselves of Doctor Who and MLP, we thrive on imagination and ideas. However, we also understand when a show, whether it's original or a fanwork, cannot go into routes we'd like to see, or has their own plan and thus does not always venture in similar ways that fans would like. This is the case here.

Your idea does not follow in the form with the story-lines already in the works for the rest of Season 1, or those being tossed around for Season 2. It also does not fit in with the theme, tone, and feeling for the DWnA Series. Therefore, while we appreciate your support for the series, we can't do this idea. We already have plenty.

However, if you really want to tell this story, consider making it a fanfiction? So long as you ask for permission to write one based on the DWnA universe, or using characters like Tick Tock etc., it should not be an issue. If you are denied permission, consider writing it as an original concept with new companions, or The Doctor alone and gaining companions as the story unfolds.

Also, a bit of advice for you: as a writer myself, I follow a very important writing rule. "Kill your darlings." Creative writers understand in the editing process that sometimes certain scenes, characters, and story-elements, no matter how much we like them, may not work at all in a given story, or may need to be rearranged into another 'book' or 'volume' in the future. Or written as a separate story entirely.

With all that, I do wish you luck, and thank you for your support of the series.

(Bear in mind, this is just my opinion, but I do hope you will take it strongly into account. Thank you.)
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